World of Elder ScrollsEdit

Forty years have passed since the mortal races banded together and stood united beside the might of the Imperial Legion. Though Tamriel was saved, the tenuous pact with the Nords of Skyrim has all but evaporated. The Thu'ums of war thunder once again.

You should have acted. The orcs are here. The Archmage Medivh told of their arrival. Their defeat was merely a delay, to the time after the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed, when the sons of Strom would stand united. But no one wanted to believe, believe they even were coming. And when the truth finally dawned, it dawned in fire. 'Cause like, they had dragons and stuff.


World of Warcraft - Cinematic Trailer03:12

World of Warcraft - Cinematic Trailer

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Teaser01:36

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Teaser

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